College Info

What you should be doing now?

Sophomore Boys 

  • Film your highlights tape- film your games

  • Look into joining ID camps for the summer, Top 3-5 Choices for Schools

  • Continue to research prospective schools

  • Narrow down your prospective list of schools

  • Continue to build relationships by making calls, sending letters, emails

  • Fill out questionnaires

  • Make unofficial visits

  • Invite College Coaches to watch you play at National Events and Showcases.

Junior Boys

  • Continue to film your highlights tape

  • Follow-up with coaches you’ve contacted in a TIMELY manner, Invite coaches to watch you play at National Events and Showcases

  • Ask coaches where you stand on their recruits list, proactive in asking DI coaches questions

  • Fill out questionnaires

  • Respond to EVERY coach

  • Make unofficial visits to schools, Narrow down your prospective schools list

Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • If you haven’t heard from DI coaches, start reaching out to DII, DIII, NAIA programs

  • If you are considering NAIA program, register with NAIA Eligibility Center

  • Contact coaches at least once a week

Sample Email to Coaches

Dear Coach XXX

My name is { your name } and I would like to introduce myself to you. 


I'm a { sophomore/junior}  at { your school name }. I love playing soccer, particularly in a high-competitive environment. My team, Friends United {2002/2003} MD, is currently ranked XX in Maryland by GotSoccer and has won to highly competitive tournaments. As a { your position], I will leading my team in the { your league, for example EDP Conference or NCSL}

I would like to invite you to come and watch me and my team play at the upcoming {tournament name and date}

Click here for the Schedule: (Added your schedule info)

{Make a comment about the school and their soccer program}

Best regards

{Your name} 


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